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In the "Aurora" gamer on the planet, everywhere can take advantage of the Oriental wind display, also can through the knowledge of God method folks make several pals, and together that they swimming, aurora. Whether it's a new gang, create miracle or secret unknown place, go over the nation method and the like, you are able to inside the expertise in God technique you will find like-minded close friends, with each other to make their very own bit of the sun. Lord is aware it operation is extremely convenient, into the software from the crimson spherical key on the bottom of the display screen. From the knowledge of Lord inside the system operation program, and a "group of fairy session" perform, this specific operate can help you routinely allotted to the appropriate degree of the audience. You can find many buddies on this class resemble a person, with out more time worry about the group upgrade. Handy "God mind interaction" operate allow anyone quickly and easily locate his or her close friends. Straight create, uncover, obtain the play name ID, three different introducing methods, providing the other on the web you can contribute him since buddy, in order to help upcoming escapades. A talk program handy that you could take advantage of the peaceful present in places, group immortal assemblage can also create a vibrant. Below, anyone participate in their unique positive aspects, give your hands dance on the key pad, the making of your respective private believed! Need to do probably the most in keeping with yourself, and concern yourself with stability troubles? And then "Aurora World" exposed God consciousness technique, appreciate team underworld assembly belongs to you! For more information, you should observe the game's standard site as well as Tencent official micro-blog, "Aurora World" because you have the greater great! 3 dimensional HD network can swim "Aurora World" with the China Aurora connection regarding self-sufficient study as well as growth and development of huge Three dimensional Xian Xia on the internet. The new version of "wheel involving fortune" hot collection, existence rounded for you to subvert the standard tools method, bolster certainly buy maplestory mesos not broken not break open the new era involving self-cultivation, Eighteen people gone to the 16 Tiny region battle, significant assets plundering war, edge guards fight an individual solution fresh duplicate to get explored. An even more realistic experience more at ease leisure time, Madden PK, take you in the new trend involving cultivation.


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